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JE has 20 plastic extruders and 5 aluminum extruders. It is a large professional extrusion manufacturer. It has been in theplastic andaluminum extrusion industry for 5 years and has built itself into a top quality supplier in China. As a regular product of our company, the production process of LED tube housing kits has been very mature, and the quality has been very stable. Our company has a professional integrating sphere to test whether the lamps made by our lamp kit can meet the various indicators required by customers, also has a professional standard light source testing equipment for testing the light transmittance and other properties of plastic lampshades.


LED tube housing produced by our company have long life; low power consumption; durable; using amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent PC thermoplastic engineering plastics, which have excellent physical and mechanical properties, and can be used for a long time at low temperatures; The circuit board is made of all-glass fiber circuit board with low water absorption and good moisture resistance, with a thickness of 1.2mm, fast heat dissipation, and is not easy to break.


We carve a niche graphic by providing high quality housings for LED tubes. It is manufactured with high-quality raw materials that meet international standards.LED tube housing offered are available in a variety of specifications and can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. This case has many advantages over ordinary aluminum case, such as it is energy efficient, produces high lumens and produces almost no heat.


LED tube housing kits are available for LEDT6, T8, T10, T12 tube lights. The kit is complete, including PC lampshade, 6063 aluminum heat sink, and plugs. Both non-waterproof and waterproof are available.

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LED T10 Double-side Lighting Tube Housing

LED T10 Double-side Lighting Tube Housing

JE is an advanced company in the LED lamp kit industry, helping many large LED lamp factories to provide various lamp design solutions. There are more than 500 types of existing products, and we can also help customers with professional customized LED lamp housing solutions. This LED T10 tube housing is a double-sided lighting design, which can not only help solve the double-sided lighting solution, but also save costs. Our regular products also include T8 lamp housing, T12 lamp housing and so on. For more information, please contact us as soon as possible.

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China LED Tube Housing manufacturers and suppliers - JE. Our LED Tube Housing made in China are high-quality. If you want to wholesale or customized LED Tube Housing? You can contact us as soon as possible, we would like to provide you with a reasonable price product quotation for you!