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LED Surface Mounted Aluminum Profiles

LED surface mounted aluminum profiles are our most popular LED strip mounting channel. As a professional manufacturer in China, we have been adhering to the concept of "Business is not about selling, but about building trust and growing together. ", focusing on improving production capacity and professional technology, growing together with customers, making progress with peers, constantly surpassing ourselves, and becoming one of the most trusted supplier in the industry by customers.


LED surface mounted aluminum profiles requiring little installation preparation, our surface profiles are supplied complete with diffusers to smooth the appearance of the LEDs and provide a neat finish, end caps and mounting clips where applicable!


LED surface mounted aluminum profiles are made of high-quality 6063 aluminum raw materials, which not only look very beautiful, but also have very good corrosion resistance on the surface of the aluminum. 5 years of solid production experience, the stability and consistency of our existing products are very high, and at the same time, we are also highly recognized for customizing molds for customers.

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China LED Surface Mounted Aluminum Profiles manufacturers and suppliers - JE. Our LED Surface Mounted Aluminum Profiles made in China are high-quality. If you want to wholesale or customized LED Surface Mounted Aluminum Profiles? You can contact us as soon as possible, we would like to provide you with a reasonable price product quotation for you!