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China Customized Plastic Profiles Factory

As an OEM powerful plastic extrusion LED profiles manufacturer in China, JE has been focusing on the LED lamp plastic cover market since its establishment in 2017. In addition to producing some regular plastic lamp covers, the most important thing is to help customers customize professionally LED plastic profiles for special shape and provide customized services. . Now there are more than 2,000 customized plastic profile products. These products are called LED plastic profiles special-shaped lampshades in the industry, which are used to meet the different designs of customers' lighting and the special use environment of lamps.

Plastic Profiles in Special Shape Customized Plastic Profiles

The LED plastic profile special shaped lampshade can not only be made into the shape required by the customer, but also can be customized in color according to the customer's needs. The customer only needs to provide the international color number to our company. Because our company specializes in LED matching special-shaped lampshades, the customized raw materials are mainly PC(polycarbonate) and PMMA(methacrylate). These two materials are the most suitable materials in the lighting industry, and they are also the materials that our company advocates most.

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China Customized Plastic Profiles manufacturers and suppliers - JE. Our Customized Plastic Profiles made in China are high-quality. If you want to wholesale or customized Customized Plastic Profiles? You can contact us as soon as possible, we would like to provide you with a reasonable price product quotation for you!