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China LED Aluminum Profiles Factory

JE LED Profile CO., LTD is a professional OEM&ODM LED aluminum profiles and LED plastic profiles extrusion manufacturer. We have 20 plastic extrusion machines and 5 aluminum extrusion machines, have a professional integrating sphere to test whether the lamps made by our lamp kit can meet the various indicators required by customers, has a professional standard light source testing equipment for testing the light transmittance and other properties of plastic lampshades.  As an excellent LED aluminum profiles supplier in China, win the trust of wholesales, contractors and lighting factory domestic and foreign with the supper high quality and competitive price. Our company adopts high-quality raw material and advanced production equipment and process technology to ensure the stability and consistency of products, and provide customers with professional products and services. In a word, our company is a one-stop manufacturer of LED aluminum profiles.


Our LED aluminum profiles have nearly 500 types of public mold products, and more than 2,000 types of private mold products customized for domestic and overseas. If you need to find a professional manufacturer of LED lighting aluminum profiles and PC profiles, our company is your best choice. If you are a distributor, our more than 500 models of male model products will definitely meet your requirements. If you are a contractor, our professional team will definitely help you complete your project successfully. If you are an LED lighting factory, the diversification of our products will definitely be able to cooperate with you to make more unique products.


LED aluminum profiles are widely used in LED linear lighting, LED cabinet lighting, LED tubes, LED strips, LED architectural lighting and LED smart home lighting. Aluminum profiles are available in silver, black, gold and other customized colors. PC profiles are available in milky white(opal), transparent(clear), satin and other customized colors. Profiles can be divided into recessed mounted, surface mounted and suspended mounted. The length of the profiles can be made according to customer requirements. 

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China LED Aluminum Profiles manufacturers and suppliers - JE. Our LED Aluminum Profiles made in China are high-quality. If you want to wholesale or customized LED Aluminum Profiles? You can contact us as soon as possible, we would like to provide you with a reasonable price product quotation for you!