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China LED Aluminum Profiles for LED Strips Factory

JE LED Profile CO., LTD is a one-stop manufacturer of LED aluminum profiles supplier in China. High quality and reasonable price ofLED aluminum profiles for LED strips are our main products. The same LED strip can be completely decorated into different styles by using different LED aluminum profiles. The same LED aluminum profile can be applied to a variety of PCB boards with suitable LED strips. This flexibility of decoration is very suitable for personalization and is liked by the majority of customers.


For the width of LED strips PCB board, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, our company has professional LED aluminum profiles for different board widths. Putting the LEDstrips inside the LED aluminum profile not only looks beautiful, but also can be used for dust proof and waterproof, and can prolong the life of the LEDstrips, because our LED aluminum profile is made of 6063 aluminum, and the LEDstrips is close to the aluminum profile, it can help the LED strips to dissipate heat better, so as to prolong the life of theLED strips.


LED aluminum profiles of LED strips are widely used in building interior decoration and building exterior wall modeling, and more and more smart home designs also use this flexible linear lighting.

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China LED Aluminum Profiles for LED Strips manufacturers and suppliers - JE. Our LED Aluminum Profiles for LED Strips made in China are high-quality. If you want to wholesale or customized LED Aluminum Profiles for LED Strips? You can contact us as soon as possible, we would like to provide you with a reasonable price product quotation for you!